Beyond Gluten – A Healing Transition

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Beyond Gluten – A Healing Transition
by Sandi Star, HHP, CNC, CCMH

This book was written for the health-minded, frustrated, or curious person interested in gaining a better understanding of the health issues food intolerance causes and the story behind why today’s gluten is toxic. It’s for people who want to find a healthy way to go gluten free while at the same time gaining valuable insight of optimal nutrition in the healing transition. We include allergy friendly recipes  with color pictures and tips on converting recipes.  Over 200 pages of inspiring and helpful information including over 50 pages of yummy recipes from Sandi Star and four other ladies on the forefront of allergy friendly recipe creation.


Having practiced naturopathic medicine for more than twenty years, I know a dedicated health practitioner when I see one. Sandi Star has the credentials, experience, and knowhow to help you navigate through today’s confusing maze of information on how to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Mark Stengler, NMD, Author

A Sample from the intro to Beyond Gluten – Sandi shares a very personal story

Can you imagine a six-year-old child with migraine headaches? That was me. I would be outside playing and my head would start pounding. My vision would get distorted and I would start feeling sick to my stomach. I’d have to come inside, take an Excedrin—which I now know helped set the stage for digestive issues to come—and cover my head with a pillow until the pain passed. As I got older, migraines became the norm. They would typically last three days and then start over again. My mom also had severe migraines. She would have to go to the hospital and get pain meds injected into her neck. I figured this would be something hereditary I’d have to deal with for the rest of my life. Ouch! I ended up on heavy painkillers later on that put me in a continuous mental fog and created continuing constipation problems. It was the first of many health issues I would have over my lifetime.

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