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We offer customized Wellness Plans, Lab testing as well as functional Nutrition to help you heal. Please give us a call to find out how we can help. 

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Signature Package

Creating wellness goals should always be the most important part of your life so let’s put that one on top of the list and make it “do-able.” Our signature package is intended to create a focused and lasting change in the way you and your family shop and cook. This is critical with food intolerance. We will teach you how to make healthier choices in shopping and cook with healing ingredients keeping food intolerance in mind. We begin with an initial consultation to assess your lifestyle, eating habits and foods you currently enjoy as well as address food intolerance. From there, we design a customized plan for you with a two week follow up plan which includes:

90 Minute Kitchen Make over

Together we will purge from your kitchen all products that no longer serve a healthy purpose. We will explain every item so you have a sound understanding throughout the process and guaranteed inspiration. You will also get helpful tips on how to organize and stock optimal foods.

2 Hour Private Store Tour 

This step is where the fun continues. We will restock the kitchen with optimal foods as well as tips and suggestions on supplements and natural products for body and soul. You will have a better understanding of optimal foods and ways to prepare them as we shop.

2 Hour Cooking Class

we will go over a customized menu and prepare a weeks’ worth of meals and snacks for the entire family showing you how to prepare healthy versions of your favorite types of foods. You will be amazing how quick it really is and how fun it can be using food as medicine.

This package also includes:

  •  Initial consultation (an intake form is required)
  •  Customized Menu Plan template you can build on
  •  Email support for two weeks
  •  Follow up appointment

Package fee – $1,595.00

Call for Details 760.685.3154

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