Holistic Approach to Wellness


Morning Snacks

Breakfast Bars made with nuts and seeds and almond or cashew meal

Greek Yogurt – Plain with some nuts and berries or granola

Gluten Free (whole grain) toast with nut butter or avocado and tomato

Hard boiled egg or egg white scramble with veggies

Broiled grapefruit with cinnamon and a sprinkle of coconut sugar

Nut Mix – make your own with your favorite nuts (almonds, brazil nut, pepitas, sunflower seeds, cashew, etc.,)


Healthy Munchies

Kale Chips

Baked apple with cinnamon

Roasted chickpeas – can flavor with cinnamon or curry for example

Baked Sweet Potato or Sweet Potato fries (baked)

Raw treats make with nuts, raw cocoa, coconut

Celery with nut butter or hummus

Nuts and seeds


Sweet & Salty

Celery with nut butter

Apple with nut butter

Nut and fruit blend (raw almonds and dried cherries or prunes unsweetened)

Trail mix (make your own at home for more control of sugar and ingredients)

Air Popped Popcorn (organic) with nutritional yeast for a nutty cheese flavor and rosemary for digestion


Protein Snack

Hard boiled egg

Edamame (organic)

Black Beans with a small corn tortilla (organic) and some salsa

Brown Rice Cake with nut butter or avocado

Protein shake with almond milk (1 scoop of protein powder)

Goat cheese pared with pair

Celery and nut butter or goat cheese


Snacks for Entertaining

Hard boiled eggs filled with avocado and lime juice topped with parsley

Veggies and Hummus

Quinoa Salads

Shrimp or Crab Cocktail


Grilled mushrooms filled with ground turkey and seasoning

Chips (organic Gluten Free) and Salsa with guacamole

Flavored popcorn (drizzle coconut oil over popcorn and add favorite spices)


For the Sweet Tooth

Sweet Potato with cinnamon and nutmeg and a drizzle of maple syrup

Baked apple with cinnamon

Raw cocoa balls

Strawberry drizzled with raw chocolate

Chocolate Nut Bark with Sea Salt

Chocolate almond milk

Fruit Kebab (strawberry, banana, pineapple)

Greek Yogurt with berries and a drizzle of honey

Dark chocolate chips with roasted pepitas (pepitas helps kill candida)


View the Optimal Food List or Purchase the Book for more recipes.