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We specialize in GI wellness, food intolerance and weight loss. Because we truly believe health starts in the gut we offer customized nutrition coaching. We focus on your individual needs. We also offer lab testing and carry a full line of nutraceutical and homeopathic remedies. We are here to help!

Prices vary so give us a call for more details.

Get your FREE 15 minute consultation today. Call 760.685.3154 or send us an email info@karmic-health.com.

General Nutrition Counseling

If you are interested in fine tuning your nutrition and wellness goals or want to start fresh with a personalized nutrition plan, we can help. Call us today for more information 760.685.3154 or email us: info@karmic-health.com.

Lab tests are valuable tools in finding out what’s really going on in your body. Learn more about lab testing.

Phone Coaching 

We offer the same great coaching over the phone as we do in person. We can order lab tests (some limitation in NY State) and prescribe nutraceuticals.

Food Allergy – Intolerance Expertise

We can help you successfully eliminate certain foods such as gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars from your lifestyle and help you replace those foods you miss with great tasting alternatives. We are experts in this area and we walk the talk.

Personal & Group Cooking Classes

We create a custom menu focused on your food preference and show you how to create great tasting healthy dishes. We specialize in gluten, dairy and soy free recipes and can also accommodate vegan and paleo diets.

Kitchen Makeovers

We can easily show you how to set up your kitchen with healthier choices and help you choose the right “gadgets” to make cooking a breeze. We will teach you how to revamp your kitchen with allergy friendly “healthy” choices to keep you on track. This is great for those needing help with food intolerance such as gluten and is perfect after a store tour. You will be amazed at what you learn!

Store Tours

You can benefit greatly with a store tour for GF shopping or just healthy food tips (we go to your local store for a GF tour). Recommended after a kitchen make over. Customized Group Talks for Individuals and Companies Let us customize a wellness plan for your group. We have an array of experience in nutrition and wellness that is sure to inspire and motivate you. Rates vary – please call us for more information

Gift certificates available


Speaking Engagements

We are able to customize group talks for both business (restaurants, corporations of all sizes) and small personal groups. Get your coworkers, friends and family together and be prepared to be amazed how easy it is to eat healthy. For a current list of speaking engagements and events visit our events page.

Visit our Wellness Parties Page to find out what we offer for groups

Restaurant Menu’s & Staff training 

In too many cases, those with food restrictions do not have good experiences in restaurants because the staff is rarely educated on food allergies. Most restaurants do not have easy menu’s for multiple food restrictions either which can be quite frustrating for diners. Be a step ahead of the game with a knowledgeable staff who understands food allergies and can give your customers the gift of trust. Learn how to easily adjust menu items to be allergy friendly and create positive feedback from the community.

If you are interested in a personal speaking engagement or would like more information on how we can help your restaurant, feel free to contact us – 760.685.3154 info@karmichealth.com


Testimonials – Here’s What our Patients are Saying

I have had issues with my health that I could never figure out. I wasn’t sure if they were skin issues, mental issues, or something seriously going wrong with me internally. That is until Sandi became medically involved in my life. She noticed my bloating and behavior changes which led me to my first consultation. I found that I had candida and terrible gluten and dairy problems. With all of her help with my lifestyle change, I could not let her down. She helped me in more ways than just food issues. For the last 2 years I have been gluten free, and the past 6 months I have been dairy free. I cannot believe it was so hard for me to get diagnosed by a regular doctor when it was completely easy and painless to see her and I had results in less than a month. I see how strong and healthy she is and inspires me to do the best I can with my health. Remember to never cheat J




Thank you Sandi Star!

My husband and I have been seeing great results and benefits in working through the weight loss program that you’ve introduced us to!  B has given away a total of 24 pounds and I have seen 22 pounds go away!  We take the Weight Loss Support Packets daily, and along with our morning shake use the OptiCleanse Plus protein powder; for our lunch shake, we use the fitfood Vegan protein powder, and then eat a good meal at dinner.  We were “All In” and ready for a lifestyle change in our eating and exercise habits – and are blessed to have your knowledge, wisdom and encouragement on this journey.  We continue towards our goal to eat clean, having great energy and feeling great in this upcoming New Year J

Thank you again,

Brian and Kristen B.


By the way, as folks can see the results of our hard work, we are always quick to share that you have been the catalyst that has helped us begin to heal our bodies from the inside out!!


I recently had a very bad bout with diverticulitis and was put on potent antibiotics and subsequently got an extreme case of Candida. Had no energy, was weak, dehydrated and in the kind of pain that can only parallel to birthing a child. Not to mention I was an emotional wreck. I made an appointment with Sandi for Thursday. Upon my arrival she had a glass of mineral water with electrolytes, this was amazing in itself considering my current state. She helped me out with homeopathic drops for my Candida and placed me on a strict Candida diet. Explained to me what foods feed on Candida, etc. VERY IMFORMATIONAL. She also prescribed a daily Probiotic and DGL Powder with L-Glutamine, amino acid and aloe along with other supporting herbs to help repair my GI. Along with this she also suggested homeopathic antibiotic spray. Folks, I kid you not within a day I was on the road to recovery, by Saturday the thick white Candida coating that was on my tongue was all but gone. Sunday it was completely gone. I am still on the Candida diet, just because I want to give my intestines more time to heal and repair. I would highly recommend Sandi for all your health needs. She is super knowledgeable, extremely caring and just a good person to have on your team!


Vista, CA

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