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By eating healthy, we are helping our immune system. 80% of which is in the "Gut". Our immune system controls how we function on a daily basis, fights off infections and prevents disease and disorders.

Karmic Health specializes in nutrition wellness with a specialty in GI disorders and Food Intolerance. We believe in functional medicine in that we look for the cause in addition to understanding the symptoms so we can help you heal.

We believe in the importance of using food as medicine to give your body the balance it needs for optimal health.


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Karmic Health Services include customized nutrition coaching, detox and weight loss programs, kitchen make overs, guided shopping tours, menu planning, cooking classes and seminars.


Karmic Health also carries nutraceuticals and an array of  labs based on individual needs.  

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So you just found out you have gluten intolerance or food allergies and don't know where to start? You're at the right place with Karmic Health. We offer expertise nutrition counseling. We give you the knowledge and inspiration to help you reach optimal health. We know how overwhelming it is and we are here to help! Our founder Sandi Star struggled with food intolerance for years and has overcome many health issues including Sjrogren's. Read her inspirational story.

Did you know 1 out of 5 people have gluten intolerance?  It's important to know what's healthy for you when it comes to eating gluten free. It's also important to understand how to create a safe environment in the kitchen for you and your family when it comes to cross contamination. 

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Resource Page where you will find hand picked  books, support groups, newsletters, healthy gluten free food vendors and recipe sites. Our Health and Wellness page has links focused on disease prevention. We continue to add categories that provide overall wellness including environmental and therapeutic services. 


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Living Gluten Free Book - New Edition
Now Available

by Sandi Star, HHP, CNC, CCMH

This comprehensive guide which we have expanded to 100 pages explains what happens when you eat the foods your intolerant to. We walk you through understanding the GI Track, talk about the difference between allergy, intolerance and sensitivity and have a great explanation of what gluten is. You'll learn how to recognize symptoms as well. We teach you how to transition into the gluten free lifestyle which applies to all food intolerances. We include a wonderful aray of allergy free recipes to try as well as a section with some recipe conversions. This is the perfect book if you’re new to the gluten free diet and/or food intolerance or if you’re looking for great information and yummy recipes. Available in PDF or hard copy.


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